Confirmation Confirmation offers 7th and 8th graders an opportunity to explore their faith more fully, join our church, and be commissioned to active participation in the life of our church.
To successfully complete our Confirmation program, we expect that confirmands will attend three overnight retreats held at the church, complete twelve hours of volunteer service – six in our church and six in the community – interview a long-time member of our congregation, attend a worship service of another faith, write a faith statement, and meet with our session.
Confirmation mentor In addition to the confirmand’s parents, each confirmand also has the support of a mentor – an unrelated adult in our congregation – to help guide him or her throughout the year.
This important step in the faith life of young teens begins in the fall and is officially recognized with a celebration on Confirmation Sunday the following April.
We encourage parents and youth to begin the confirmation process by 8th grade.  We find that the youth of this age have the maturity to grapple with the weighty issues of faith that are addressed while still having the time to devote to a commitment like confirmation.
To enroll your youth in our Confirmation program, please contact the church office by October 1st of each year.