In our Country and World

 Through our offerings and financial stewardship, we support a number of church wide initiatives, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. Our members support national and international missions and outreach in other ways:
mission-pda-signAdult Mission Group:
Our adult members travel locally and throughout the United States to roll up their sleeves and do whatever is needed in the communities they visit.  This group has participated in several post-Katrina and post-Sandy aid initiatives along the gulf coast, (e.g. Habitat for Humanity, etc.).  Opportunities range from one day to one week, designed to fit busy and not-so-busy schedules alike.
Crop Walk: Members of First Presbyterian, starting with youngsters still in strollers, participate in the 2-mile or 6-mile walk to raise money for and awareness of World Hunger each May.
Serving our country and world Senior High Missions: Our Senior Highs go for a week-long mission trip in June of each year.  These trips take our youth to various locations throughout the US and once every fourth year, to the Yucatán peninsula of Mexico. Read more about our youth missions on our Senior High Youth Group page.

Presbyterian Women:

“Mission Matters” is a mantra for Presbyterian Women.  Explore the various mission opportunities supported by our congregation’s Presbyterian Women organization.

Special Offerings:

First Presbyterian promotes three special offerings each year for outreach.  A part of these collections are donated locally to projects like Focus Hope and Farmington Youth Assistance.  The balance are used for national and international initiatives that focus on disaster assistance, self-development and hunger relief through job creation, racial-ethnic schools, and overseas missions.