Preschool Facilities


Located in the First Presbyterian Church of Farmington

Farmington Presbyterian preschool-classroom Farmington Presbyterian Preschool-classroom-2
Because we conduct one class at a time in the school, we have the luxury of two large, attractive, and well-equipped classrooms, one of which has an adjoining bathroom.  Having two rooms affords us a large play area, plus plenty of space for crafts, painting, snacks, circle time—even riding tricycles!Farmington Presbyterian preschool classroom with slide

The church hall is also available for use when we want to play a special game, and the church kitchen is nearby for occasional cooking projects.

The preschool has its own entrance (locked during school hours) and coatroom where each child has a locker.
In addition, our spacious grounds and fenced playground offer ample room for children to play outdoors for the final minutes of each class, weather permitting.

farmington Presbyterian Preschool Facilities locker room Farmington Presbyterian Preschool Facility Playstructure