Our Circles


There are six active circles at First Presbyterian.  We hope there is one to accommodate your schedule.  All meet each month (except July and August) and invite new women to visit or join.  All combine fellowship, Bible study, and mission.  Click on the underlined circle names to find out more about that group.


(Action, Commitment, Talent, and Service) Meets: 2nd Tuesday in the Parlor at 9:30 A.M.  Coffee and refreshments are served. A sitter is provided with prior notification for a small fee.

 We are a warm, friendly and chatty bunch.  One member recently described her fellow circle members as her “small army of friends” who were there with “hugs, food, support — even tissues” whenever needed.


(Be Ever Thankful to Him) Meets: 2nd Tuesday in Knox Fellowship Hall at 12:00 PM
We take turns being the “hostess”. Everyone brings a sack lunch and the hostess brings dessert and beverage.  We follow the Horizon’s Bible Study, but we also sometimes do a book review or take a field trip.

Dare Circle D.A.R.E.

(Discover the need, Ask for resources, Respond with action, Enjoy togetherness.)Meets: 2nd Wednesday in Knox Fellowship Hall at 12:30 P.M. Dessert and beverage served.
We are a small group but enjoy spirited participation during Bible study and our fellowship time together!  We are a group of loving, laughing ladies who share our joys, sorrows, and prayers.



Meets: 2nd Thursday in room 208-210 at 10:00 A.M; Coffee & continental breakfast provided.
We enjoy our Horizon study lessons and have lively discussions on the study topic. We are a caring group of women who support each other along the good and troubled times of life. Our active women are very involved in many church activities.


Named after Lydia, a dealer in purple cloth, one of the first working women mentioned in the Bible (Acts 16:11).Meets: 3rd Tuesday in the parlor at 7:15 PM.  Tea and coffee are provided.
We are a group of caring working women who like to share with each other and support each other.  In addition to using the Horizons Bible Study, we read additional books for discussion.  We occasionally meet for dinner at a restaurant.   We participate in Least Coin, Thank Offering and Birthday Offering, and also provide Christmas gifts to needy senior citizens at the Sanctuary at Mercy Center.


Meets the 3rd Tuesday evening in various homes at 7:15 p.m. Dessert provided.
We are a diverse group who enjoy each other’s fellowship and support. We are a warm and friendly group joined together for fellowship and study. We are supportive and share both personal and church concerns.
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